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Partners & Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates

“Wi like the company wi keep”

Global connectivity is critical to the success of the mobile industry.  Good connectivity should however not be limited to technology integrations but extend also to business/service partnerships.  Whether you are a local brand amplifying to global audiences or a global brand wanting to intimately whisper to niche markets, a globally connected service partner is an essential ingredient of your success recipe.

Wi have earned a reputation as the preeminent regional experts in the field of Mobile Value Added Services and Commercialisation that has made us a sought after partner to a number of global technology, application and service partners.  Given the dynamic nature of our industry, Wi are always exploring and evaluating potential Partners and Affiliates in order to better serve our clients and maintain our established position.  If you are you are a Mobile Operator or Technology/Application/Service provider, Contact Us today to discuss how you can partner with and leverage the Wi Connect technology, expertise and reach in the Caribbean and Latin America markets.

A few of our partners: