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“Wi created a single e&m Commerce ecosystem especially for you”

Wi are experienced practitioners of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies and natively understand their application and direct impact on your business. Wi also work extensively in traditional commercial spaces, executing the expert application of SMAC in transitioning enterprises into the modern e-commerce era.  This blended expertise has enabled us to build a powerful e-commerce technology ecosystem comprising a robust and relevant application suite especially designed to empower your business:



“Your customers are mobile”


Our Mobile Edge marketing platform is a web-based dashboard for you to easily reach, engage, excite and enhance relationships with your audiences. Wi use a combination of smart technology, creative people and big data analytics to help you make those seemingly little, but oh so important decisions that directly enable you to satisfy the needs of your customers.

With Mobile Edge, you can rely on technology that is Swiftly Deployable, Easy to Use, Robust, Scalable, Secure, Cost Effective, globally Connected and above all requires no capital expenditure. We have made the investment in technology and expertise so that you don’t need to.  Contact Us to see how best we can put our marketing platform work for you.


“Your competitors are mobile”


It is a universally accepted principle of business that keeping and growing existing customer is less expensive than attracting a new one.  Successful companies know how to encourage, reward and leverage customer loyalty as a way to reduce acquisition costs and optimise profitability.  Outstanding brands all have successful loyalty and reward schemes and have virtually turned loyalty and rewards into a science.  Unfortunately, many companies have not been as successful as loyalty programmes and systems are notoriously complex and often expensive to administer.

Wi provide you with a full cloud-based loyalty and rewards platform that allows you to design, deliver and manage your own loyalty programme over mobile.  Regardless of the size of your enterprise, you can now incorporate loyalty into your value proposition without the costly capital and operating expenditure associated with the issue of plastic and other such traditional loyalty solutions.  Wi make it easy and intuitive for you to create, brand and deliver your own loyalty programmes to new and existing customers using our scalable, cloud based mobile loyalty solution.  Contact Us to learn how you can issue and redeem points, issue customer calls-to-action, encourage social and viral sharing and undertake sales all over mobile.


“Transactions are mobile”


Wi believe that ultimately, ALL marketing activities should demonstrate tangible results by delivering measurable sales activity. Where most people separate marketing and payments into two separate verticals, our approach is to create a combined and interoperable environment where you can promote, sell, analyse then sell again.

Demystifying the world of electronic payments and finding the right payment transaction solution for your business can be a costly nightmare.  Wi have worked developing strategies and deploying mobile payment and e-commerce transaction solutions on 3 continents and are specialists in Caribbean e & m commerce.  Wi work with a number of international transaction partners and facilitate Consumer and Merchant transactions via our proprietary and globally compliant PCI DSS compliant platforms and products.  Whether you are a small/large or online/ bricks and mortar retailer, if you are interested in adding e-payments or commerce to your business proposition, Contact Us to see how we can help.