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“Exceptional Companies are driven by Extraordinary People”

Wi pride ourselves on being exceptional at what we do.  Wi are always looking for ways to innovate and improve, believe in teamwork and operate by the belief that collective imagination is more important than individual effort.  

Technology may be at the core of our business but our team is the true life of our company.  As such, we are always looking for extraordinary individuals who believe they can make a difference to how we undertake our business.  How do we define extraordinary you ask?

If you are: EntrepreneurialPassionate, Creative, Organised, Tech-Savvy, a Team Player, Self-Starting and truly believe you can make a positive difference, then you’re the kind of person we want to meet.

If we do not have listed vacancies but you consider yourself extraordinary, you should Contact Us,  and tell us why you are extraordinary and how you believe can add value to Wi Connect and our clients.

Where do you think you can be most extraordinary?

Client Relationship


Here you will drive revenues by working with our clients to help them understand our business, technologies and what our expertise can do for them.

  1. National Business Development Consultant
  2. Loyalty Programme Coordinator
  3. Coupon Programme Coordinator

Campaign Support


Here you will integrate us by working with, and providing support to, our various teams on implementing and managing strategies and client campaigns.

  1. Social Media Coordinator
  2. Campaign Coordinator
  3. Compliance Officer

Solution Innovation


Here you will keep us ahead of the game by helping conceptualise, build and maintain cool tech tools and platforms that improve the lives of clients, team members and end user consumers.

  1. Full Stack Developer

Content Management


Here you will make us shine by helping create, communicate and manage compelling content that excites, engages and encourages consumers to take action.

  1. Content Coordinator