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 “No other company provides our reach or effectiveness”


The Wi Connect Mobile Edge® platform is much more than world-class technology.  Wi provide you the technology to reach across multiple channels and mobile networks, to interact with/manage your audiences via the single most powerful communication channel on the planet…Mobile.  

Wi provide connectivity and reach to ALL mobile networks allowing you to run seamless, network-agnostic campaigns to your audiences.  Everything you need to engage your customers via mobile is now within your reach and in one place.

Mobile Messaging:   Reach ALL your customers across ALL networks.

SMS/MMS are cost and reach effective channels for rapidly communicating and interacting with targeted audiences. More importantly, mobile provides the widest audience reach because 95% of messages delivered via this channel are opened within minutes.

The Mobile Edge® platform is an easy to use cloud-based platform for SMS/MMS, Consent Management, Content Hosting, 2-Way Message Scheduling and Delivery and Campaign Reporting.

Landing Pages:   The prefect support for your mobile campaign.

It is not always realistic to create entire websites for a particular campaign or initiative. Mobile landing pages and Micro sites are highly effective when you need a specialised opt-in or lead generation form, or effective post-click engagement support for Mobile/Web/Traditional Media Advertisement, SMS message or Social Media post.

Mobile Wallet:   Deliver Coupons, Tickets, Membership, Loyalty, Gift & ID Cards to the mobile phones of your customers.

Mobile phones are highly secure and effective electronic wallets. Use our simple interface to reduce the cost of issuing paper and plastic by digitising and delivering your card offer to Android and iOS devices and convert promotional activity into sales.

Content:   Create, Manage and Optimise your multi media content.

Compelling content is essential to differentiating your brand as well as building and maintaining on-going engagement with your audiences. Wi will work along with you and your creative team to develop and optimise rich Image, Audio and Video content that is relevant to your audience and strengthens your offer.  Equally as important, Wi utilise our Language Engineering resources to script or re-script your messages to ensure optimal effectiveness and impact on your audiences.

Analytics:   Always Researching…Always Analysing…Always Improving.

Research based and data driven decisioning is something of a company philosophy and the fuel that drives our business. Wi encourage our clients to do the same and our technology is built to collect and provide rich data that allows you to constantly improve on what you already do well.




“Designed to work for you”

Mobile consumers exist in a dynamic and ever changing environment, so getting and keeping your audience attention requires not only well thought out strategies but a variety of powerful engagement tools.

In order to issue effective calls-to-action with compelling, device optimised content delivered at the right time and location with relevant offers, you require a harmonious combination of technologies. Our platform provides all the tools required to precisely execute your strategic matrix, wow your audience and win more customers. Unleash your imagination and excite your audience as you share the story of your product and brand.

Text Marketing: We offer a web based mobile marketing solution that helps you to create, deliver and manage 2-way SMS & MMS marketing campaigns.

Photo ID Verification: Collect customer Photo IDs using picture messaging to validate their identity, undertake compliance/maintain KYC.

Database Creation: Create and manage databases by performing HLR number look up or having customers respond to text messages.

Mobile App Promos: Promote Apps using an SMS keyword and respond with a smart URL to direct the user to the app store.

Digital Card Issue: Easily generate Student IDs, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards and other cards for a Mobile Wallet.

Digital Coupons: Create, deliver and validate branded, secure digital coupons to mobile phones and via multiple channels such as Wi Fi, Social Media, Web and Print Media.

Mobile Tickets: Create, deliver and validate personalised, secure digital tickets to mobile phones and via multiple channels such as Wi Fi, Social Media, Web and Print Media.

Promo Codes: Send promo codes in an SMS for use on your ecommerce website or app.

Engage Employees: Use SMS & MMS to communicate and engage with your employees, provide training, obtain feedback and collect field data.