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“For Brands, Agencies and Operators who value their customer relationships”

Your customers are the single most valuable asset to your enterprise and managing your relationships with them requires finding the right blend of capable partners and effective technologies. Wi pride ourselves on both our expertise and our technology, as well as our unsurpassed ability to add measurable value to your Customer Relationship Management formula.


Wi Mobilise


Wi help you to understand the complex world of mobile and how best to effectively utilise this powerful channel to engage your audiences, grow your brand and improve your business.

Wi help you to research and create campaign strategies and relevant messaging that encourages high levels of quality responses.

Wi provide you the technology platform, global connectivity and multi market reach in order that you can effectively engage the widest audiences.

Wi Engage


Wi use a combination of strategy and technology to deliver relevant and compelling communication in the correct format to target and excite your audiences and drive interactive responses.

Wi deliver a variety of exciting, effective and audience captivating multi media content such as Coupons, Tickets, Audio, Video, Maps, Surveys and Animations to name a few.

Wi provide a range of personalised lead generation and post click methods that convert your social media posts, SMS messaging or mobile/web/traditional advertising into real and measurable returns.

Wi Socialise


Wi are native to social and aggregate all of your social media assets and activity onto the mobile phone of your audience

Wi understand the power of social in todays’ communication and engagement matrix and provide seamless, integrated and harmonious consumer engagement via mobile.

Wi blend strategy and technology to encourage viral sharing with the highest possible K-factor and deliver optimal returns for your campaign.

Wi Analyse


Wi understand that every campaign is made up of a number of well-managed steps that each play a significant role in its overall success.

Wi harness the power of data to help you improve your product, customer experience, campaign and add measurable value to audience relationships.

Wi provide tools that allow you to evaluate the granular performance of your campaigns and responsively adapt your engagement to deliver better results.

Wi Enhance


Wi use mobile to support, measure and improve your existing promotional, communication and audience engagement activities.

Wi make it easier than ever for you to plan design and execute any form of campaign via mobile.

Wi help you to learn more about your market, your business and your audiences and improve with each interaction.